Denver, CO
Team Size:
501 - 1000
Onboarding Buddy
Manager Checklist Reminder

Gather helps Guild Education coordinate and communicate with managers and other stakeholders for new hire cohorts.

Guild is a fast-growing education startup based in Denver, Colorado. The team is growing from 50 to 700 in a span of two years. They are hiring in cohorts of 10 - 20 new employees every 2 weeks.

Coordinating the new hire onboarding process across departments was becoming a pain. New managers were struggling to remember all the relevant things they needed to do to prepare for their new hires. The People Team was spending lots of time tracking down managers. Since adding Gather, instances of missed tasks by managers has dropped from 30% to 5%.

With Gather, Guild patched holes in the cracks in the process and saved time coordinating and communicating.  Their onboarding workflow:

Onboarding checklist sent to a manager a week before a new hire arrives.

Message sent to "coffee buddy" the day a new hire arrives.

Gather assists managers.

“This has been super helpful to have task reminders pop up. It's also been validating as I've wondered what I've perhaps forgotten as I've onboarded a new Guilder.” - Guild Manager

Gather solves a pain point for the People Team.

“Gather has been remarkably helpful in tasks we never expected - we're seeing a dramatic increase from compliance in process from our managers, more consistently getting messaging out, and spending less time doing it. The endless opportunity is a huge draw. 
I really appreciate that Slack reminders I used to have to routinely labor over, or run by a bunch of stakeholders before sending out, are now routine and automated. It's "set it and forget it" in the best way.” -Guild People Team

Next: Guild will be building out a workflow to supplement and reinforce new manager training.