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People Operations workflows
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The best way to build, manage, and execute day-to-day People Ops. Integrates with Rippling, BambooHR, Paylocity, Zenefits, and more.

Birthday Reminders

Hey Quenton— 

🎂 Reminder: Leandra’s birthday is today (September 23).

Make sure that they have a special day 🎉

👩‍💻 DM Leandra

Pride Month Event

Here at Awesome Company, we stand alongside our LGBTQ+ teammates.

Below are quotes  from last week’s panel on how we can all be better allies at work.

🏳️‍🌈 Allyship at Awesome Company

Offboarding Checklist

Today is Miguel’s last day at Awesome Company. Please ensure the following items are tackled before EOD:

🚫 Revoke systems access

🗂 Update org chart

🖥 Deliver technology to IT

📒 Add Miguel to the Alumni Directory

✅ Mark as complete

Onboarding Buddy Program

Hi Sarah,

Your onboarding buddy, Rachel Porter started today. Have you checked in yet?

As a reminder, that means:

👋  Say hello and introduce yourself!

☕️  Grab coffee with them (on us!) sometime in the first afternoon (coordinate with their manager and expense the coffee).

✅ Check in with them at the end of their first week and throughout the month

📄 Onboarding Buddy Checklist

Return from Parental Leave

Hey Josh— 

This is your reminder that Jenny is coming back from parental leave in one week.

Research shows that the month after parental leave is the most critical time for new parents
👀 Take a peek at the New Parent Support policy below for a few ideas on how you can support Jenny.

👶🏽 New Parent Support Ideas

Coordinating Work Anniversaries

Hey Mikayla,

Just a heads up: 

Sam Collinger is celebrating their 5 year anniversary at Awesome company today.

A quick note from the CEO is an easy, impactful way to recognize their work here.

Message #️⃣ celebrations

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